Lithostone and Rheims Cathedral

               * "Rheims Cathedral"
           color or b/w lithograph
                   Edition of 16

Lithographs - Drawn on stone and printed by hand, one color
                          for each printing run.




Soccer players
* "Soccer Players" lithograph
20" X 13" Edition of 25

*Giclee prints - photo copied in accurate, full color 
        on artist's paper.  Designate size desired.


and prints

Texas Freeze at the State Fair
"Texas Freeze at the State Fair" lithograph
23" X 18" Edition of 12



                                                                                       Can it
"Can It," drawing/ink transfer  27" X 23"

Manhattan Ferry in Silhouette  

   Ferry in
In the Garden
      "In The Garden" lithograph 15" X 20"
    Edition of 20                        

                         * "Figures" lithograph 15" X 12"
                         Edition of 19

*also as a giclee print

Fat Manet color

                                             Fat Mant b/w
                              "Fat Manet" color or b/w lithograph, 23" X 19"
                              Edition of 25

She's Looking at Him



"She's Looking
at Him" [Lincoln]
18" X 20"
Edition of 16


    Coronado Heights, KS
   "Coronado Heights, KS" lithograph, 20" X 15"
   Edition of 10

Mount Barbara Road
   "Mount Barbara Road" giclee print only"
Purple Fish
"Purple Fish" color lithograph, 12" X 17"
Edition of 20

Red Spot
 "Red Spot" 11" X 14" color
lithograph, Edition of 19
*also as giclee print

        Blau Fische
     "Blau Fische" color lithograph
     13" X 11", Edition of 20

            Celery and Onions 
            "Celery and Onions" lithograph, hand tinted
        or b/w lithograph 21.5" X 17.5"

        Also Available:
     Set of 5 Notecards - Select Cover photos
     from art works on this website.
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