George Chlebak at table

Meet George Chlebak . . .

             Ask him what he thinks of his art works and he will probably say, “I hope it does.” He knows that getting any piece of art to “work” is what pleases him, but it is called “work” for a reason.

Considering his lifetime of playing around with various media and styles, he has had no lack of “failed experiments” but plenty of happy accidents too. Some of those fond successes include ink transfers in the late 60s, constructing—with help from Fred Elliott— his own lithography press during his 1976 sabbatical. Daily he taught himself about what the “stone” would yield.

Found objects, too, have always caught his attention, as in the collage boxes he considers the most enjoyable pieces he’s made. They also appeal to his sense of whimsy.

With a trained eye and his camera in hand, he’s been happy to travel widely, look closely at cathedrals, rivers, trucks, fairgrounds, and architecture old and new. He has translated those subjects and many more into the canvasses, watercolors, drawings, lithographs. and collage boxes he has exhibited in biennial shows of his work while Professor of Art in Kansas and Arkansas colleges.

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